Friday, 29 August 2014

Flood in the kitchen

Our dishwasher broke, it leaked most of the washing water on the kitchen floor. New washers are very energy and water efficient but our old one was not (it was 30 years old!) and so we had a real flood in the kitchen. Also bad thing is that we have a parquet in that room and you know what happens to parquet when it gets wet, it starts to bubble. I did dry the floor with bathing towels right after the dishwasher had leaked and I assumed that a good drying with a fan would be enough and there would not leave any damage. Next day my dad came to help with removing the old washer and while here he came to the conclusion that the floor will not dry nicely and since he is not a person to waste time he started to rip off some strips from the parquet. We had some parquet left over from some previous renovation and next day my dad and A put the new old pieces of parquet on the floor.

So now we have a new floor. There is bit of a colour difference between the "new" parquet and the old, but I'm fine with that. I have for quite some time planned to do some bigger renovation to the kitchen, so there is no point changing the whole floor now. But that wont happen any time soon. And besides the floor was not that perfect before either, so this colour difference is not a big deal. Next we need to buy a new dishwasher. Oh and put the moldings back.


  1. Oh, that stinks. 30 years old, though, it sure lasted a long time. You're really going to love having a more modern one. :) And you'll save a lot of money on water too.

  2. I hope I will love the new one, there were some really good qualities in the old one, it was fast and quality of the washing was really good.
    We live in a row house and we pay this fee which covers the water, maintenance, heating and so on, so we do not actually pay for water, so I'm afraid we are not going to save any money with new appliance :(

  3. Well, that's a good point. Some of the new "eco friendly" ones aren't so eco friendly when you have to run them twice to get things clean.


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