Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Paper shredding

After each New Year I go through my papers from the two years before, which this time meant papers from 2011. I usually keep all bills, tax papers, bank statements, insurance things and so on when I get them, but yearly I go through them and throw out papers that are no longer needed. I don't have a shredder so I rip the papers into smallish slices. It really does not take long and I get such a pleasure from the ripping. It's so pleasing to get rid of paper. When all are ripped I mix them up a bit before I take them to the paper recycling bin. I doubt anyone is intrested in the papers, but incase they would be I'm making it just bit more difficult for them to check out my personal papers. 


  1. I love my paper shredder. :) We use it so often that we are on our 4th one and it's going to die anytime now.

    1. Paper shreder is a fun device, but I've never found use for it. Ripping one year worth of personal papers takes only about five minutes. That seems to be no excuse to get a shredder.

  2. The main purpose of paper shredding is to hide confidential information printed on the documents. I guess it’s not really important that you have the machine to tear off the pages, but destroying the document in a way that the information is disposed of completely is what matters most. Well, if you have to shred a lot of papers and you have no time to tear it manually, a paper shredding machine would love to do the job. :)

    [ Ruby Badcoe ]


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