Monday, 30 June 2014

Long planned bib

Over a year ago we were in Stockholm with a friend celebrating Easter. At that time I was expecting Likka and when we visited Tiogruppen store and saw all the oilcloths sold there I naturally thought of making a bib for Likka. It took slightly longer than I assumed to actually start the bib for her, but now it is done. I used a pattern from an existing bib and sewed bias tape on the edges. I was going to have the straps which are used to tie the bib on the back of the neck from the same bias tape, but I did not have enough of it and used some random white ribbon I had at home.

Likka has used the bib already so it does not look brand new anymore. I forgot to take photos before she started to use it. I do have some more of the same fabric, I could make another bib or even two from it or I could make something else. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Old new kitchen table

Like mentioned here we got rid of our kitchen table to make room for a new one or actually an old one. The table is not exactly antique but old anyway. It is my sister's table, but she does not have room for it at the moment so we are keeping it for her. The style of the table is not something I normally like. I'm more of a fan of modern or mid century furniture, but yet I like this old table. Perhaps it is because it's on loan, I do not need to keep it forever or because it is about the only decorative furniture in our home and therefore it's not overwhelming. Or maybe it's because my sister has recovered the chair cushions with modern fabric. 

I'm happy to keep the table for her. This table is way better than the one we used to have. I also like that this is rectangular in shape, the old one wasted a lot of floor space. We also decided to have the other table against the wall, before we had the table in front of the window. Now there is much more space between the table and the sink. On the picture below is the old table and how it was placed.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Midsummer magic

Today here is celebrated the Midsummer. It is Midsummer eve. In olden days, maybe still a bit, Midsummer has been considered magical. On Midsummer one can perform all sorts of spells to enhance your luck in marriage or to get magical powers. Maybe particularly Finnish but most of these spells should be done nude and most spells are for single women looking for a spouse. 

One of the spells says to collect seven flowers and place them under your pillow. When you sleep you will see your future husband in your dream. I once did this and oddly I saw a dream where there were only women in a shoe store that only sold those high heel shoes that have all coloured fur decoration over the toes. Hmm... I wonder what that says of my future husband...

Other spells say that on the Midsummer night if you look into a well you will see your future hubby in the reflection of the water. Preferably this should be done nude. Then if you run from a sauna, nude of course, through fields and after crossing the ninth ditch you will run into you future hubs.

Appears to me that it is the nudity that brings the future spouse in close contact with the women...

Happy Midsummer to all!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Rhododendron park

As Alana suggested in a comment of one post I am showing a place close by us. It's not in walking distance but about 15 minutes by car in Helsinki. It is a rhododendron park, I'm not usually a huge fan of the rhodo, but in a settings like this where the rhodo has plenty of room to grow large and it has good conditions to grow these bushes get truly impressive. Some of the bushes had bloomed already but it seems that the flowers are almost as beautiful on the ground as on the branches.

Amazingly I had never been there before, although I have always lived quite close by it. A friend of our suggested this place for us in facebook and also one blogger I follow had been there just a short while ago

Friday, 13 June 2014

Pink sweatshirt

Not sure Likka needed this, but I made it anyhow. I guess it's good for colder summer evenings. On day she can wear a sleeveless top and then when evening comes I can just dress the sweatshirt on her. I have had the pink fabric for quite some time. I am bit surprised I decided to make the sweatshirt for Likka from that fabric. In theory I dislike dressing girls to pink (and boys to blue). But it is not the colour I actually dislike. I dislike that girls are only dressed as princesses and boys as superheros. I really don't mind the occasional soft pink dress on Likka if it fits the occasion, but for everyday, that is not my cup of tea. But I think this sweatshirt in hot pink and with the dark blue accents and the stripy lining makes the shirt look very perky and bold. It's not too girly.

Anyway... I love how it turned out. Not only does it look really good in my opinion but I love that I was able to make it look so professional, I'm really proud of it. I finally figured out how to use the double needle and used it on the hem of the shirt. Also the rib knit on the hood is perfectly stretched. There were so many details on the shirt which made me learn new sewing techniques and I think I was able to learn them well. I'm happy I made this, it makes me proud.

Pattern from Ottobre magazine 1/2013 page 12 in size 74 cm

Monday, 9 June 2014

Before and after: True minimalism

We used to have a dining table in our kitchen, but we sold it. The kitchen feels so big, fresh and open to new which makes me feel good. I've been sitting on the floor of the kitchen and just admiring the openness. 

But really, that is not how it's going to stay. We are not true minimalists. We are getting a table. My sister is moving together with her boyfriend and she has a very nice old table and chairs which do not fit into their apartment at the moment. So we have agreed to store the table until they do have space for it. And therefore we sold the old kitchen table which was nothing fancy and my sister's table is much nicer. The table we had sold much faster than we thought and now for a while we are going without a table. We do have a dining table in the living room, although it is bit of a hassle to transport all the food and tableware there all the time. Anyway I have found it quite nice still to have the kitchen so empty, it feels refreshing. Now we also had the opportunity clean the floor and the radiator thoroughly.

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