Friday, 13 June 2014

Pink sweatshirt

Not sure Likka needed this, but I made it anyhow. I guess it's good for colder summer evenings. On day she can wear a sleeveless top and then when evening comes I can just dress the sweatshirt on her. I have had the pink fabric for quite some time. I am bit surprised I decided to make the sweatshirt for Likka from that fabric. In theory I dislike dressing girls to pink (and boys to blue). But it is not the colour I actually dislike. I dislike that girls are only dressed as princesses and boys as superheros. I really don't mind the occasional soft pink dress on Likka if it fits the occasion, but for everyday, that is not my cup of tea. But I think this sweatshirt in hot pink and with the dark blue accents and the stripy lining makes the shirt look very perky and bold. It's not too girly.

Anyway... I love how it turned out. Not only does it look really good in my opinion but I love that I was able to make it look so professional, I'm really proud of it. I finally figured out how to use the double needle and used it on the hem of the shirt. Also the rib knit on the hood is perfectly stretched. There were so many details on the shirt which made me learn new sewing techniques and I think I was able to learn them well. I'm happy I made this, it makes me proud.

Pattern from Ottobre magazine 1/2013 page 12 in size 74 cm


  1. That looks absolutely fabulous! Will you make one for yourself? I am impressed with the stitching, too--and the colour combo is perfect. Very sporty. Love it. She is one lucky girl.

    1. Thank you Alana. For some reason making things for myself is not as fun as making them for Likka. Although in my use the garments would see more use since Likka can only wear items for some period of time until she outgrows those.

  2. It DOES look professional, great work!

    And I'm starting to become jealous of Likka's clothes. :D I'd love to have this in my size. I also want to steal the idea of her heart knee patches and put some heart elbow patches on something.

    1. :) Thank you.
      The knee patches on the next post are in real life dark red, the camera made them the same colour as the sweatshirt for some reason. Weird, but handy for me since in the blog it looks like I've dressed her with matching colours :)
      and I must mention that the pants are from a store with the patches and all, so go ahead, you are free to steal the idea. :)


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