I'm a Giant Challenge

It was reguested that I'd make a separate page about the I'm a Giant Challenge, which was introduced by Emily Henderson though her blog.

In the I'm a Giant Challence we are supposed to make or buy a dollhouse and decorate it. The dollhouse could be anything from a reagular house to a shop or a gym, anything. I desided to build and decorate a Teahouse as a remembrance of our trip to Japan on the fall of 2010.

The building of the Teahouse:

I'm going to build a dollhouse
The walls are up
Shoji screens
Roof structures
How to make a (cookie) cutter out of a can
At the roof tile factory
Topping-out party

Decorating the interiors:

Ceiling is done
Furniture and bedding for the Teahouse
Crux blanket in mini

Finished Teahouse:

Invitation to the house warming party
Teahouse warming party

All of my posts from the challenge can be found through this link.

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