The minimalist game

Christina introduced the minimalist game for me back in December. Originally it is an idea from The Minimalist. The point of the game is that on the first day of a month you should find one item from your home to donate, recycle or trash. On the second day you should find two items, on the third three items and so on. All in all depending how many days there are in a month you will get rid of hundreds of items. According to Christina getting rid of such an amount of items makes a big influence on your home and also on the way you start to look at your possession. 

Christina had played the game so to say for two months already and was planning to play it again in February. I was truly tempted to try the game too and so Christina set up a Google+ page for the game. I love that I'm able to see what items Christina and others find from their homes. Seeing those items reminds me that I have similar things that I never use. So incase you are not that tempted to check the Google+ page here are all my items I have decided to let go.
Day 28
Car manual, 9 books, 3 DVD's, a dictionary, a magazine, 3 baby clothes, decorational pillow cover, curtains, pacifier, pile of business cards, breeflet, lonely earring, jewellery parts, jewellery case, membership cards

Day 27
A decoration, a level, power cord, 2 candles, 5 tealight holders, 4 gift ribbon, led light, toy, unfinished airplane, a shoulder bag, a frame, 2 images, 3 baby clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, pile of magazine clippings

Day 26
 Pile of printed paper, pile of pictures or cards, pile of touristy stuff, envellope, 3 wooden spools, miniature rake, nail scissors, pins, negative pockets, 5 clothes, 9 pieces of fabric, 2 magazines

Day 25
 Pile of cards, pile of crafting paper, another pile of different type of crafting paper, 7 maps, magazine clipping, bunch of sticks, a rod, pile of paint chips, pile of dirty paper, Likka's pants, a shirt, 3 magazines, 2 potholders, 2 bathrobes

Day 24
 6 Likka's clothes, 2 books, a curtain, wool socks,umbrella case, 13 Christmas cards

Day 23
 17 containers, a lid, unfinished jacket, 2 magazines, a book, card embellishment

Day 22
9 books, piece of fabric, shaving gel, jumpsuit, 10 magazines

Day 21
 a knife, siphon, coffee measurer, 2 scoops, 8 napkin holders, 2 knife sharpeners, a pitcher, 2 shoe boxes, a piece of plastic, 2 unfinished crocheting projects

Day 20
 electronics, some metal pieces, pieces of ribbon, card holder shaped like a crow, bolero, gown, baby trousers, 2 trousers, a cardigan, 4 tops

Day 19
2 framed pictures, LAN card, rubber duck, stensil sponges, a frame, 2 plant cards, 3 cooking related books, wrist warmers, a pen, a mouse, pile of paper, seed catalog

Day 18
4 pants of Likka's, fitted sheet for the crib, infra red heater, training pants, 3 scarves, stuff from the cleaning cabinet

Day 17
 3 mugs, DVD, mini boat, mascot, giant hair pin, 4 pens, network card, watch, scissors, 2 pillows, a book

Day 16
16 test knits

Day 15
 Office supplies and a canvas bag

Day 14
 4 puzzle magazines, 3 belts, 6 wool socks, nursing pads

Day 13
 Tunic, 10 belts (?) from a ball of yarn, baby cardigan, high heels

Day 12
3 jumpsuits, 3 "better quality" plastic bags, 4 canvas bags, 2 pairs of high heels

Day 11
Baby booties, tweezer, sponge, shirt, cardigan and 6 paper bags

Day 10
Hair band, fake eyelashes, 3 bracelets, watch, 2 necklaces, 2 broothes

Day 9
2 infant formulas, a trash can, 5 pens and winter boots

Day 8
8 pairs of Likka's socks
Day 7
 Hair band and six broken or too slippery ponytail holders

Day 6
 Led candles, three Likka's clothes and two pairs of earrings

Day 5
 Four clothing items Likka has outgrown and a Christmas tree leg

Day 4
Oven pot, diaper cover, a book and a pepper grinder

Day 3
A book and two PJ's Likka has outgrown

Day 2
 Sparkling wine glasses

Day 1

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  1. Hooray for you getting it done--and for posting everything all in one place. Well done!


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