Friday, 3 October 2014


I'm afraid this blogging thing is no longer working for me, at least for a while. Why I started to blog in the first place was to keep me motivated and for the community. I no longer find blogging motivating, instead it's become an obstacle. Or mainly taking (good) photos is the obstacle. I've gotten tired of taking photos of before and after or in between. So either I just do and don't take photos or I postpone things till forever because I've not taken photos. That last scenario is the worst. It should not go like that. Then I'm tired of editing photos, the whole process annoys me at the moment, it takes too much time and there is better things to do right now. Writing posts is not the biggest issue and I've actually done lots of things I could blog about, but those photos, I don't have those. And my texts are not so fluent or fun or deep that I could have a text blog. 

I'm not sure I will completely stop blogging but I will keep a sabbatical for some period of time. I will miss this, but I'll keep following your blogs (if you have one).

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