Monday, 21 November 2011

Furniture and bedding for the teahouse

Like all house builders I too get excited about the interior design before the house is actually even finished. Which means I have been creating furniture and designing the indoors more lately.

On the I'm a Giant challenge we were actually supposed to decorate a dollhouse and while I've been watching some telly I started to work on the furniture and bedding. So one evening I started to make futons (matresses) to the teahouse.

I know in Japan people most likely don't sleep in teahouses, but in my teahouse sleeping is approved. Then I ofcourse will aslo make pillows and and blankets. One cannot sleep without a pillow or a blanket.

For the tea seremony I made a low table. The tabletop is made of balsa and the legs are wood. I lightly painted it white.

And also to make the seating more comfortable I made seat cushions. It's from the same fabric I made my own pillow for the sofa.

According to Emily Henderson who's put up the challenge the big reveal of the finished house is December 15th. I have no idea what happens then, but I quess that is the day when I will post the final post about the tearoom and show you what it looks like with all the details.

Also the resident is moving in on the 15th and he will have a housewarming party and you are all welcome!

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This post belongs to the series of posts for the I'm a Giant challenge by Emily Henderson. All my posts about the challenge can be found behing this link.


  1. Sounds exciting, resident moving in on the 15th. I need to make my residents, in addition to finishing up the interior walls and windows on the house and putting what furnishings I have in so i can see what I still need to make.

  2. My resident has been waiting for a house for some time, since my friend brought him from Japan two years ago. There is a long waiting time for houses in Finland :D
    Good luck on the decorating Kristin.

  3. Hooray! Your resident will love his/her new house! Love the bright cushions, too.

  4. *grabs a seat and makes herself comfy* i chuckled at "in my teahouse sleeping is approved" XD


  5. Thank you Alana and Snowfern.

  6. Sounds exciting, resident of movement at 15. I need to do my residents, as well as finishing up inside walls and Windows of the House, and putting what furniture I have so I can see what I still need to do.Futon sofa bed


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