Friday, 11 November 2011

Some organizing of the crafts stuff

I've been a bit sick this week. I did not feel too bad and often when I have a cold I don't get much fever or anything, I just feel tired. Since I'm hardly ever really sick I find it hard to just sleep or lay down all day. That's why I usually do something while I'm at home. This time I did organize one craft stuff box that's in my crafting cabinet.

I took the box to the livingroom where I could sort the stuff while watching telly, and where I could also lay down on the sofa if I felt tired. I took everything out and then sorted things.

I was able to find few things to trash and few things that I will be taking to the charity.

This time I wrote on the gift bags I have inside the box what they will contain. The bags were quite handily each a bit bigger to another, so I was able to line them up and wrote the content on the top of the bag. I'm a bit amazed I had not figured that out before.

So the one in the back contains stickers and stamping things, the one in the middle has beads and other materials and the one in fron has all sorts of ribbons.

1 comment:

  1. My. Nicely done! You know those green boxes in my expedit? Those are my craft supplies!


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