Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tearing up magazines - day five

For years I ordered a magazine called 'Image', its articles varied from popular culture to politics. I loved that magazine until suddenly after many years I didn't even feel the need to open it. I did order it for about 6 months, before I realized it was no longer the magazine for me and then I stopped it. After that I did not order any magazines for some time. I was fed up with them, I still had all the issues of the Image-magazine I had ordered and they took up so much space. After holding on to them for years and even moving them to another home I realized I won't ever feel like reading those old articles again and I threw them all away.

Only lately I've started to order some magazines again. Now I order 'Tee Itse' a DIY magazine and 'Ihana' crafting magazine. Also I order a varying interior design magazine, now it's been 'Avotakka'. I haven't found any real good interior design magazines, so far I've been disappointed with them all. I think they mostly sell stuff and show pictures of homes styled so over the top that it's clear no one would live like that. What I especially hate is that sometimes you see the same object on two different areas on the home. I know they are just trying to get the right feel for the pictures but I hate catching them on staging.

Anyway, now that I've squalled enough, I admit that I do like some of the images in the design magazines. And inspired by the Get your home ready for the holidays, day five I started going through the magazines. I have a system that is a total rip off from Chez Larsson and I love it. It's worked so great in last few years and I often flip through the images in the folder and rip out things I no longer like.

I'm still unable to tear out pages from the Tee Itse (DIY) magazine, I think all of their hints and instructions might be usefull one day so I don't know what to keep and what not to keep. You wouldn't have any hints on this, would you? How could I determine which articles are important? Also I haven't torn out pages from the Ihana (crafting) magazine. But that is because it comes only four times a year and I have ordered it about one year so I've still had plenty of room to keep them. I am thinking of doing the same process for those as for the interior design magazines, but just to a different folder offcourse.


  1. I have no idea what to suggest about what to keep and what to let go of except, maybe ask yourself this question: if it ever occurs to you to do a project like this (whatever this is) would you look here in the magazine for it--or would you go look on-line? Magazines like that are only truly useful if they have an index. If they have one, then I would take those out and put them in a binder. Does that help at all?

  2. Very good question Alana. So far since I have not ordered the magazine that long and I some what remember the articles in the magazine, I would use those as a reference and not the web. But when we get more and more of the magazines I would not remember anymore what articles those had and in which magazine it's in. Although the magazine has a pretty good index online, so I could check there and then look up the actual magazine (one has to pay for the articles that are online)
    Hmmm... difficult, so far it's not a huge quantity of magazines so we have room to keep them all, but I hate the idea of them creating a storage problem one day.


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