Monday, 31 October 2011

Ready for Holidays - 28 day challenge

Aby at the Simplify 101 has started a 28 days challenge to get homes Holiday ready. It is about a month before it's Thanksgiving, which is not celebrated in Finland, but I thought I could still participate. Decluttering has never done harm for any home.

It's allready the fifth day of the challenge on monday. I jumped on board a bit late, but the tasks are not overwhelming at all so I was able to complete them all in one go.

The day three on the challenge is consentrating on surface cleaning. I did some decluttering on two of the trouble spots, as Aby calls them. The trouble spots in our home are the dining table, top of the entry drawer and the surfaces in the office / guest room.

Decluttered the top of the entry drawer, most things were wainting to be taken to the storage room outdoors.

Then decluttered also the dining table. I left there on the table the materials and tools I need for the I'm a giant challenge, I will be needing those later.

On the fourth day of the challenge Aby says to focus on the ceiling. I could not found any cobwebs, but check this out.

Beautifull, isn't it? That was the air outvent on the kitchen ceiling. I had noticed it beeing that dirty, but hadn't done anything to it. Now I opened it and vacuumed it thoroughly.

Then I wiped it clean with dishwashing liquid. I couldn't get it completely clean, but clean enough, would have needed to srcub it with something, but no one will notice it from the floor level.

We have four of these vents around the house and I did clean them all, but the kitchen vent was the dirtyest.


  1. Wow. Stylish vents! I have to catch up on the 28 day challenge tomorrow after my Big Grocery shop.

    Oh and I didn't buy anything exciting on my shopping trip. Just a power bar and some velcro bits! I just looked at fabric.

  2. Oh you didn't? I thought you were just teasing us and assumed you are going to have a post about the shopping trip later :)

  3. I get a little crazy cleaning my vents! especially the bathroom vent. It makes me feel so much better when they are clean ... that is the werid side of me!


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