Monday, 10 October 2011

Fall cleaning on the terrace

On the spring cure I got the terrace all nice and clean. Since then we've enjoyed the summer there, done some cycle maintenance, some gardening and all the things we do on the terrace on summer. So it's no wonder it had gotten a bit messy. Now that the fall has turned colder and we no longer sit in the terrace I thought it was about time to move the chairs and the trunk to the conservatory and also clean up a bit in there.

I removed some of the stuff from the conservatory out for a while and wiped the floor there and dusted some furniture. The wooden sofa has a trunk inside and that is where we keep most of the biggest gardening tools.

Some of the tools we'll be needing on fall too, but it's fairly easy to retrieve those from here, but it seems more difficult to put them back.

We placed the trunk that was outside and is filled with pots to the corner in the conservatory. The chairs went right on top of the trunk. I also hung the lanterns that were on top of the shelf to the ceiling.

The outside side of the terrace is now pretty bare. And that's good, when ever it starts to snow the stuff won't be on the way of shoveling. That bike is on sale by the way.

Now that I had the lanterns hung from the ceiling I was able to light some candles. I love them, on fall the evenings get so dark that it's nice to have some lights outside. I really like how the conservatory windows mirror the light from the lanterns and it looks like we have way more of them than we do.

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