Friday, 14 October 2011

Window sill rerun

Remember this? The window sill I made for the kitchen?

That is a crappy picture by the way, sorry. And remember when I asked wether I should have added a trim in front of it to hide those lifting pieces? Well now I did just that.

See that dishwasher on the right there, next to the wall? It is so close to the wall and I had made the window sill as deep as possible, so in order to open the dishwasher even with the new trim, I needed to cut off a thin slice from the sill. I removed the window sill from the brackets and then went to visit my parents. My dad has a great hobby room and has a circular saw which is good for making long straight cuts. My dad cut the slice off from the sill, and I just took pictures.

Thanks dad! At home I glued the trim on.

Then I painted. And then I reattached the sill to it's brackets, and behold, doesn't it look great now!


  1. It does look great! So professional. I see now, too, where you get your know-how. How wonderful your Dad can help!Love those cafe curtains, too.

  2. Thank you. My dad has certainly had some influence on me. He's very keen on DIY.

    Oh jeah, you had that cafe curtain project...


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