Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Jewellery for work

I was at a jewellery course on tuesday. It was organized by a colleaque and she had booked a meeting room for this purpose. It was not work course, it was just held at the office.

On the course we had a teacher Tarja Rytkönen, to teach us the basics and to help us put together the jewellery.

In the company I work for we have to use ID badges all the time, so I desided to make two necklaces where I could hang the ID badge. One bright coloured necklace and one less flashy one. In the above pictures you can see I've hung the ID bagde on the other one. 

Many others made these ID bagde necklaces too, it was not my own idea or anything. I had seen people with these type of necklaces before and I understood they have made them in the previous courses that have been held almost every six months or so.

I also made these funky earings.

Cannot wait to get to work to show off these necklaces and earings. So fun!


  1. Hi Leena - Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Always nice to get feedback and it is also a way to find other blogs for me. :)

  2. Those are lovely! You have excellent taste. I find it so interesting that you and your co-workers will make pretty necklaces for your ID badges. It's wonderful. It's not really something you see a lot of here.


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