Monday, 3 October 2011

Garden tool room

Our housing cooperative has a room where we store gardening tools, like lawn mower, garden hoses, rakes and so on. These items are for everyone who lives in this row house to use. Also when we have the spring and fall cleaning session for the neigbourhood, we use these tools together with our own tools.

I'm a board member of our housing cooperative and I happened to mention to the other board members that the garden tool storage room needs some organizing. I knew when I mentioned it that I would be the one to do the organizing, I was actually quite looking forward to it. And their reaction was ofcourse to suggest if I could do it and I was real happy, what could be better than organizing!

Here is the storage room before and I must emphasise still that it is not my storage room, it's the whole rowhouse's storage room. 

It's clear the problem was that everything was on the floor. It was very difficult to move in the room and get stuff from the back. I looked up a sturdy shelf and found one from one of my favourite shop. Each shelf can hold up to 227 kg / 500 lbs of stuff, I think that's sturdy enough. Also the whole shelf weights 32 kg / 70 lbs, so if someone manages to break that thing I'm truly amazed.

I cleared the whole storage room and sweeped the floor. Then I assembled the shelf. I did some pondering whether I should place the shelf near the door or at the end of the room, but then desided to put it in the middle. That way I was able to make a nook for the wheelbarrow and for the watering hoses.

I had also bought hooks for the rakes and brushes and other type of hooks for the shovels. I attached those to various places and hung items to those.

This is what after looks like. I'm really pleased with it, it has even more room than I thought it could ever have.


  1. Oh my heavens--that ought to win an award or something--wow!
    Are you thinking of taking up organizing professionally?

  2. Oh, professionally? Well maybe if I could do it on my own. I'm afraid I'm not that good with people, I might loose my nerve when they don't think like I do :)
    But in a way I do like that idea. That's not a very known profession here in Finland though.


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