Friday, 30 September 2011

Closet cure, final

That was the jumping off point, if you remember. The cabinet was useless, the stuff in it was better stored somewhere else. And it could have fit lot more than it did.

We had some discussion, A and I, about what we would store there. I wanted to store the whole rockband game in a same place. I also wanted the clothes to be stored somewhere else. A had some very good ideas too. He remembered that our tools cabinet is very full, first he suggested that we could move the tools that are in the entry tambour into the office cabinet, although not totally bad idea, but the tools are often a bit dirty and they would make the whole room dirty. Then we desided to move the camping and sailing things that are in the entry tambour to the office and that way get more space for the tools.

We also discussed wether we should have shelves or wire baskets in a separate rack in the cabinet or perhaps have only half of the cabinet with shelves and rest an open space. We desided to go with regular shelves on the whole cabinet.

The shelves are only supported from the ends and we are avare that those will most likely bend a little over time, but that's fine. After installing the shelves was only left to fill the cabinet with stuff.

The motorbike clothes, which started the whole project and which we needed to find a place for the winter, are on the white basket on the first shelf. Then on the second shelf is the rockband, the whole rockband. On the third shelf is the sailing and camping gear. And that IS a yellow Ikea bag, it was accidentally stolen, I swear, cross my heart. On the fourth is paper and packing material. On fifth on the suitcase are old toys and on the side university student union caps and overalls. I have actually no idea what's on the top shelf, some A's papers, but that's all I know, I didn't do any organizing there, but for some reason I opened the doors and took pictures about those too.

Now we have some empty space under the guest bed, where the rockband used to be and in the entry tambour. I might need to do a suffix of the closet cure from those.


  1. My, you certainly put a lot of thought into what to store in this cabinet. It is in the office? Good for you, both.

  2. Thanks, yes the closet is in the office/guest room/storage room. This is the room where we take all the junk that does not fit anywhere else, so it was important to think it through.

  3. This is excellent! My closet cure is at a standstill at the moment -- I'm out of my apartment while renovations happen across the hall (allergies are a nuisance).

    Well done!

  4. Hi scb, I was wondering where you've gone. I hope you can return home soon.


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