Friday, 9 September 2011

Speaker stands

I've been way too busy relaxing, so I'm showing you a thing I did last year. Which was speaker stands. This was probably the first construction I built on my own and supprisingly it turned out real good.

Earlier we had the speakers that are now in the office in the livingroom. They are tall speakers so we did not need stands for those. Then A bought new speakers for the livingroom which were much smaller and which needed a stand. We could not find a single speaker stand from the shops that were the proper hight and that would look good. So instead of buying hideous and wrong hight ones I promissed to make the stands.

I used chipwood, that was cut to the right size in the lumber yard. We don't own a circular saw so it would have been very difficult to cut them at home. 

The assembling was fairly simple, I used wooden plugs and glue to attach the pieces. Then used clamps, or like in the above photo a pile of books inside a basket, to hold the pieces together while the glue dried.

When I had the speaker stands assembled I painted them. I used a primer and sanded in between the paint layers. The top layer is shiny white furniture paint.

The most difficult part was to attach the door. I used three small hinges and the screws holding the hinges were so small I kept dropping them also while I screwed them on the door was on the way and coudn't keep still. Also the door was too tight. I had had it cut to the same size as the back panel, which clearly was a mistake. It should be a bit smaller so it fits better to the place and also leaves some allowance if the door is not perfectly leveled. But after sanding and painting and more sanding and painting the doors work fine and close up nicely.

You might notice from the above picture that I left a smaller shelf on the bottom of the stand. I was planning to add a concrete weight on the bottom to that shelf for more stability. But when we took these to use we noticed that the stands were really stable on their own so no concrete block was needed. If I would do the stands again I would leave the bottom shelf out and try to fit four shelves with game storage inside.

But otherwise I'm really proud of my speaker stands. They turned out great and now we have a place to store the Xbox and Playstation games.


  1. I remember this project! So glad to see it again, especially as I am having a terrible time trying to figure out what to do about storing my bed linens. I just may have to build something, too.

  2. That's exciting! Can't wait to hear more about your building project.


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