Monday, 5 September 2011

Cuttings for new bonsai

We have a Amur Maple in our backyard and it keeps pushing new shoots from the trunk and I don't want it to be bushy so I need to cut off the shoots yearly. Also in our neighbours backyard there is a Plum-leaved Crabapple that needs to be cut down since it's not in a very good shape. 

I asked my neighbour if I could take few cuttings from the crabapple and then cut the maple shoots to cuttings too.

I filled four pots with soil and topped them with sand and pushed the cuttings to the soil. I'm not too confident the crabapple will root, but I'm pretty sure at least some of the mables will. Such a fun test, I think I will take a few cuttings more from the crabapple and check how they root in a glas of water. Hopefully I will have new bonsai material soon.

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