Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New winter jacket

I have a new winter jacket! Jihaa! A new down jacket that will be warm and that will actually keep the wind out. I started to look for one after last year's holidays, all stuff were on sale then and the winter had just turned very cold. I could not find a single down jacket that was my size or good quality. So I felt cold the whole winter in my old woolen coat. In that coat in the pictures above.

I desided cold is no option next winter and went to look for a down jacket in the middle of September. And I found one, just a perfect one, it's warm and my size and it's nothing fancy, it's a regular knee long black down jacket. I had planned a long time ago that I will alter my woolen coat from two row button one to a zipper one, but since I previously only had one winter coat I was afraid to start the alteration, I was afraid I'm going to totally mess it up. Now I had the courage to finally cut the coat up.

This was the coat before. There was nothing really wrong with it, I had just got bored of it. And I think it made me look fatter, since it had two rows of buttons.

I'm sorry, I'm still not feeling that comfortable showing my face in here, you'll have to settle for these cartoon faces of mine.

The coat needed to be cut upen from the front and I removed some fabric. Then I sewed the zipper on. I had to sew the zipper partly by hand since the fabric is thick and in some parts it's layered on top of each other and it did not fit under the sewing machine foot.

I also knitted welts (that word might be all wrong, please correct me if it's not the right term) to the sleeves. I had always hated that the sleeves of the coat were so large that wind could just blow straight in. After some hand sewing again and ironing the coat was all done.

I'm really pleased with it. It totally simplified it's look, I think it's more me now. I now have two new jackets, this light winter coat and the down jacket. Wohoo!


  1. Love your cartoon face!
    You are one talented lady! I like the "welts." (I have no idea what they should be called) and the coat looks much sleeker now. Nice!

  2. Thanks, Alana. I kind of like the cartoon faces too :)

    Welts was the word the dictionary suggested, sometimes those can not be trusted.


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