Friday, 23 September 2011

Closet cure, jump off

My closet cure has been on stand from the start. It's really not moved anywhere, I emptied the stuff from closet floor to the guest bed in the office. And those are still there. What started this whole project is that we need to create a place where we can store motor cycling clothes for the winter.

This was where I started.

What I was planning to do was to move all the clothes to the right and then add shelves to the left to store all the stuff that is now on the closet floor. But I've started to doubt my plan, that is mainly because I'm not at all happy about the stuff we are keeping there.

I've allready desided to donate all the pillows that are in the vacuum bag. There is also the Rockband game drum set. Rest of the rockband game gear is in a under bed box in the office and other game stuff are in the livingroom. I do not like that the drum set is not with the others. Then there are gift wrapping paper rolls, those are not even near other gift wrapping stuff and I find that irritating. The box on the floor contains folders and magazine holders, those take up lot of space. The clothes in closet are A's, and to tell you the truth, I'm more than slightly annoyed by those. Not because they are there, but because he has clothes in the bedroom closet, in the corridoor closet, which is the same size as the office closet and in the entry tambour closet which is about half size. I have clothes only in the bedroom. Don't take me wrong, I'm not jealous that he has more clothes. I love that all my clothes fit very well in my closet. But I'm irritated that it's very difficult to make room for anything else.

So any ideas on what I should do?
  • Should I store the whole rockband game in the closet and put something else to the freed space?
  • Where do you store gift wrapping paper?
  • Should I try to remove all the clothes from the closet and totally renew the insides of the closet?
  • Any other suggestions? I'm open to all ideas.

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