Monday, 12 September 2011

The week of the mushroom - Fall wreath

It's fall now, atleast it's not spring anymore, so it was about time to remove the spring decorations from the wreath by the front door.

I like my plain wreath I made from twigs on early spring and I desided to use the same base still. I removed the old decorations and cleaned up the wreath a bit. I had bought mushroom decorations for this purpose from a craft store earlier. I wired the mushrooms. I just pushed the wire through the bottom and up inside the mushroom. I could have used glue to attach the mushrooms better to the wire, but since they are upright they will stay put just like that.

Then it was just to attach the mushroom to the wreath. I slightly grouped them and put few further apart, just like they would grow in the wild. I'm really liking the end result, such a simple, fun look.

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