Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Shelves over the washing machine

I had planned to show how I'm doing at the miniature construction site, but it's had some delays lately. I seem to have a problem with glues. I'm building the roof at the moment and well lets just say it's not nearly as quick job as I originally envisioned.

Since I've not had time to do other things either I'm showing you a super simple and kind of obvious thing I made about one year ago. That was shelves.

That is what the top of our washing machine used to look like. Not very pretty and not very practical. I needed a place where I could place the line dried laundry temporarily and also a place where I could fold the towels that are stored in the bathroom. I usually take rest of clean laundry to the livingroom and fold it there while watching telly. A folds his own laundry also in the livingroom and also while watching telly.

Our laundry room is very tiny, actually it's not even a room, it's a passage to the bathroom, just a long narrow space. But I'm glad we even have that, many houses don't have any room of that sort. Where we have the washing machine there is also space on top of it designed for the dryer, but since we don't have dryer and we have no intension of getting one, I was able to take use of that space.

In general I'm not too keen on open shelving, but since the laundry room allready has lots of hidden storage, I thought the open shelving will balance it out a bit. Also hardwood shelves are super cheap and very easy to install. I bought three hardwood shelves, cut them to the right size and painted them. I drilled holes for the holders to the side of the cleaning cabinet and to the wall. Stucked the holders in the holes and set the shelves on top. It couldn't have been easier.

From the shelves I was able to find space for the rags, that we have plenty of, to the cleaning box, that contains the most often used cleaning supplies, and my container station. I was so happy with the result that later I even bought art to go with the laundry theme.

This was one of the simplest organizing and building jobs I've done, but so far that's probably the one that's had most effect. This is what we see everyday, either when we do laundry or when we go to the bathroom, and I'm allways happy when I see this space.

PS. You know what else? This post means that I was able to find those photos I was looking for some while ago. I had had them relocated, renamed and they were actually quite cleverly named, but I was looking for them with the old name. Anyway, I'm so happy I found them.Yay!


  1. What a gorgeous set of shelves! Love those baskets.
    And I'm so glad you found your photos. What a relief! Nothing worse than thinking you've lost some valuable photos.
    Thanks for your encouragement! Today's cleaning went very well.

  2. Those baskets are from various sources and I just happened to have them, I'm actually quite amazed how similar they look.
    I am happy to hear you had a good day!

  3. Hi! I'm so glad that you found a fun spot for the print. :-) Thanks for posting this pic! You're inspiring me to organize my laundry area this weekend...


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