Friday, 21 October 2011

Shoji screens

The roof building is still in progress, it will require lot of work, a lot. While I waited for the glue to dry on the roof structures I started to make the shoji screens or doors for the tearoom. I'm writing this really late and the words are not really flowing right now, so this post will just have million pictures to explaine what I've done.

All screens are made from thin mulberry paper and some sticks I bought from the craft store. Then I also used matches.

I had glued long strips of wood to the floor, next I slid the door in the groove and then glued another strip on the top to keep the door in place.

Now the doors can be closed.

And the doors can be opened.

Also the doors can be opened in a different way.

Here is the another side door, closed and opened.

I built the screens similar on both sides, so now it looks pretty even from the inside.

Off to bed now.

~ ~ ~

This post belongs to the series of posts for the I'm a Giant challenge by Emily Henderson. All my posts about the challenge can be found behing this link.


  1. Fabulous! Oh so pretty--and amazing they are so functional. This is truly a work of art, Leena.

  2. Thank you Kristin and Alana. I must say I'm really proud of this.

  3. every right to be proud of it, it's gorgeous!

    can't wait to see it finished!


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