Monday, 14 November 2011

Small decluttering and organizing

I was quite busy on the weekend and also still a bit tired from beeing sick earlier. On friday we had a friend's wedding and saturday was then a bit tired day and I took a long long nap. On sunday it was fathers' day here in Finland and we visited my grandpa and my parents and also A's parents.

But I did manage to declutter and organize a few places. Inspired by the 28 days challenge to get home holiday ready by Simplify 101 I decluttered the food containers in the kitchen. We store the lids and the containers separately in two boxes in a kitchen cupboard.

For some reason we had way more lids than containers and I was able to throw most of the lids to the trash. Also I threw out some containers that were not as sturdy as I hoped they were.

So that was the decluttering, then on saturday I did some organizing too. In the office A has a chest of drawers where he stores all types of junk. I have no clue what he has on three of the drawers, but on the fourth, on the top one, he has office supplies. I had organized the top drawer once before, but I now wanted to organize it again because I had bought from a drift store earlier two cutlery holders and wanted to use one of them in this place.

I was hoping I could have decluttered some of the stuff inside the drawer while I organized it, but according to A all the things in there are usefull and needed regularly. For example he'll most likely need six pencil sharpeners simultaniously...

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