Friday, 4 November 2011

Securing lamp stand

I made a lamp stand long ago. I bought a used camera stand and then attached a metal pipe on it and installed the electronic components I bought from a hardware store. When I made the lamp stand I did not attach the pipe to the camera stand in any permanent way. I just poked the pipe on top of a screw that was allready on the camera stand. It wasn't a very stable construction.

I have no idea how many times I've knocked down the whole lamp when I've tried to switch the light on or off. Because when the pipe gets loose from the camera stand it pulls the whole thing with it, it's so top heavy. On monday when I knocked down the lamp once again, I had had it! I was finished with the falling down of the lamp stand. So I took out the glue stash.

Firts I tried two composite epoxy resin glue on this one. At first I thought I had nailed it. When I lifted the whole thing up it hold fine, but when I tested tipping it over it gave in and the metal pipe was again loose from the stand. Really frustrating!

But A remembered we have something else to use for this in our home too. Let me introduce to you the repairing paste!

It's also a two composite glue thingy, so I quickly mixed the two materials together and placed it on top of the screw bit on the camera stand and pushed the metal pipe on top. It hardens in 3 minutes so I didn't really have time to take pictures. I let it sit for about an hour while we did our biweekly cleaning ritual. It was very difficult for me to let it be.

After the hour it was sure to be cured and I tested it out, first I gently lifted the whole thing and it hold. Then I tried to tip the pipe over and it didn't give in. Yay! Then I tried to wiggle it and it hold. Yihaa! Love that stuff. Here is A holding the lamp stand in air.



  1. The lamp looks great and I think that you may have found the real "miracle glue"!

  2. King Tut lives again! (Too funny! He looks great.)

    Oh, oh, oh,...we need a tutorial on that lamp, Leena! It is awesome beyond awesome. You are wicked talented, girl!

    If you were to translate that glue you used--what would it be called? Who makes it?

  3. Yes miracle glue indeed.
    I googled about the glue, actually I thought the brand was Finnish, because Sika means a pig in Finnish :) but I read that it's a Swiss brand.

    The official name seems to be 'Multikit' and made by Sika, I found a datasheet of the paste here:

    I might do a tutorial of the lamp, good idea, although I do not have any in between pics, which is dull.


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