Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Glowing orbs - Replicated decorational idea

Have you read the blog The Art of Doing Stuff? Well you should, Karen who writes the blog and does occasional videos, is so funny, so so funny. Check it out, it's funny!

In a video of hers you can see some glowing orbs, those are also featured in this post. Those look amazing. On sunday I went to the city of Hämeenlinna with two friends of mine to visit a store, Metsänkylän Navetta, which sells allsorts of old stuff and also those round glass shades. I bought three beautifull, but dusty, shades.

Then I also needed to buy string of lights. I had a few at home allready but not enough. I bought lights that can be used indoors and outdoors, because on summer I'd love to transfer the glowing orbs out, they look so great on Karens backyard and I'm sure they'll look great on our backyard too.


  1. Great to meet you on BYW love your idea of showing "how to do stuff" the globes are beautiful especially when lit.


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