Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Winter decoration with string of lights

I showed you allready the glowing orbs, which were created with string of lights. Here is another string of lights idea.

Well the lights are from a store but what covers the light bulbs are "snowballs" I made last winter. I'm afraid I have no making-of pictures but I'll try to explain how I made them.

What you need is
  • waterballoons or regular balloons blown very small
  • yarn
  • wallpaper paste or glue watered down
  • somewhere where to hang the balloons to dry
What I did was to blow the balloons and then I rolled a good amount of white crocheting yarn on the balloon. I dipped the balloon to a cup of wallpaper paste and then took it out and wiped the excess paste off. You could also take a long piece of yarn and dip it into the paste and then roll it on the balloon like is done in this gorgeous blog post. I just did not want to guess how much yarn I would need for one balloon.

I tied a piece of yarn to the knot on the balloon and hang the balloons to dry. Next day they were perfectly dry and I poked the balloon with a needle and removed the scraps of the balloon by one of the holes there is left between the yarn.


  1. that's really beautiful! i saw a few modern dollhouse pictures with similar designs as light, so that's how they make these! wonderful thank you for sharing!

  2. Cool. You explained that very well. They are so pretty.

  3. Thank you both.
    Great idea Snowfern, one could easily make a miniature designer lamp like this:


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