Monday, 23 May 2011


I have orange in the livingroom! Yippee! See that rim on the lamp, it's just a ribbon that I pinned on, I can remove it anytime I want. So easy. But that is not the only orange in the livingroom. I also made pillow cases for the sofa pillows.

I ordered fabric from Kalla. There were other very good fabrics that I thought of getting, but I ordered from her, because I could get two cool patterns from her shop and those are from Japan. I love Japan. And I want to support their busineses in this difficult time.

Like I said I made pillow cases from the fabrics. In the following I will show how I sew a pillow case.

I start ofcourse by measuring the pillow the case will be put on. Then I add two to four centimeters (about one inch) of seam allowance and cut my fabrics. Then I zigzag all of the edges.

After zigzaging I sew the zipper on. I mostly use zippers in my pillows, sometimes buttons, but mostly zippers. I place the zipper about on the middle of the egde with the right side of the zipper and fabric facing each other and pin it on. 

At this point I change the regular foot of the sewing machine to a zipper foot. This allows you to place the seam much closer to the zipper than with the regular foot.

Then the same is done to the other part of the pillow case too. After that you should have what looks something like this.

Place the fabrics so that the right sides are facing eatch other and pin it. You might want to open up the zipper a bit so it's easier so sew and to turn the pillow around when it's done. After you have sewn the sides together clip out a piece of the corner so the corners are easier to turn. If your seam allowance is very small this is not necessary.

Then just turn your pillow right side out and put it on a pillow and you are done.

I love the frogs, those are fun and happy in the livingroom. Love the tatami fabric too that I got. Here is how our sofa looks like with the new colour addition.

I now need to go and kiss all my frogs.


  1. Give the frogs a kiss for me, too! Love the orange!

    Maybe you'd be able to get my sewing machine to behave. It doesn't like me.

  2. Oh wow! That just perks things up nicely! Fun froggies, too. Looking forward to the "party" post of before and afters. You will do one, won't you?

  3. Thanks scb and Ben.

    scb, there are sewing machines and there are sewing machines, some are nice and some are cranky. You should take it to major maintenance and try again. If that still doesn't work, get a new machine. Unless it's only you who cannot make it behave :)

    Alana, I am thinking of consentrating to the yard and terrace on the eighth week, but I do think I will post some type of party post or to do post too, maybe tomorrow. I'm still thinking how, because I'm not going to have a party, but neither are you and you did it still. We'll see...


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