Friday, 20 May 2011

Closet decluttering and shoe hideout

First I must say that I'm very very proud of my clothes closet, it is mainly because all the clothes I have fit to my closet and it's very well organized. But what makes me most proud is that even my jackets (including winter ones) that are not in active use at the moment and my gowns all fit there. I even have some shoes there.

What is not kept in the closet is the jackets I use at the moment, some shoes and the semidirty clothes ( I mean clothes that I've used once or twice and that I will use again) Here you see what my clothes closet looks like. I combined two pictures because the closet has sliding doors so when the other side is open the other is closed.

1) shoes, mainly winter ones 2) wool coat or trench coat, depending on the season 3) shirts, long sleeved, three shelves 4) shirts, short sleeved 5) trousers, shorts 6) underwear, swimwear 7) gown, a big hem one 8) long black gown and a polkadot gown 9) stockings, leggins, a box of summer shoes in the back 10) few dresses, skirts and blouses 11) wool socks 12) renovating and painting clothes 13) belts and shoe bags.

The clothes closet organizing is something I think I've always been good at. I remember that even when I was a teenager I had my clean clothes folded neatly into the closet when everyone else I knew just seemed to use the bedroom floor as a closet. I think this is a weird detail in my personality because I'm not actully interested in clothes at all. I rarely shop for clothes and I usually like very plain ones. I normally wear jeans, a top or a shirt and a gardigan of some sort. Occasionally I wear tunics. I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses. I often use funky earings and fun coloured socks to chear up my look.

But eventhough I like my closet it does not mean that it couldn't be better. I know there were things I don't use anymore and the fact that I just have room for them is no excuse to keep them. So I removed everything except the boxes from the top from my closet and wiped all the shelves. Some people try on all their clothes when they deside what to keep and what to toss, I don't do that, I usually remember how I feel about the garment and remember if I have used the garment in a long time or not. This time I found only a small pile to donate.

I was hoping there could be more to donate but there were also garments that went straight to trash so some decluttering got done. Here is what my closet looks after the decluttering and cleaning.

Then to the shoes, I usually wear the same pair for months but occasionally I do need different shoes, like for jogging or for rainy days or for parties. It's amazing how many different shoes one needs. And the worst thing is that some of the shoes hardly ever get to be worn, but yet they are needed (okey a minimalist would disagree).

I have a super secret shoe stash, can you locate it from this picture? The picture is from our entry closet. No and the shoes on the picture are not mine, none of them.

Here it is! A helps me to take this pic. I'm quite sure you could not figure out where my shoe stash is.

There are my high heels, some summer shoes, a pair of sneakers and boots. I love that this is all hidden, all these shoes are used pretty rarely or if often I swop things there seasonally. Now my boots that I wear on spring and fall went back to their proper home (all cleaned and polished ofcourse).

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  1. Wow. Love the hide-away for your shoes (and boots). Your closet is beautifully organized, too.


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