Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Closet improvement

I found a chipwood shelf from... um... trash.

It's a great find because I had been thinking about improving my clothes closet in the bedroom. Previously the bottom of my clothes closet looked like this.

There in front are my pyjamas, on the left in the back are middle layer wear, like long johns and shirts, in the fabric baskets are my socks. The middle layer wear tries to collapse in the sock basket and the pyjamas sometimes try to move forward and then I cannot close the sliding door properly. And you see that there is a lot of wasted space.

When we assembled the cabinet, we noticed that we did not have as much shelves as we needed, I desided to leave this place without one. I also thought that it will be quite difficult to reach the bottom shelf if there is a shelf right on top of it.

Now that I found the particle board shelf from the trash I figured I could put there a half of a shelf. I took few measurements and draw lines where to saw.

After a few cuts to the shelf I needed to make new holes for the support pieces.

It allready had holes in the back but I drilled new ones to the middle.

And there it is, my small shelf. I think it makes all the difference. Everything fit better, and everything is within easy reach.


  1. LIKE LIKE very much improvments like this it makes all the difference! From clutter to order!

  2. Fabulous! And such an easy little fix, too. A half shelf is perfect for that spot. Good for you.

  3. Simple, and just perfect! Well done for recognizing the worth of the find, and for using it in just the right way.


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