Monday, 30 May 2011

Finally - painting

Weather has been bit difficult lately. Sun has shined, it has rained, it has looked like it's going to rain, yet it didn't, it's been really windy.

On saturday all the forecasts said that it will not rain until sunday evening. I was bit sceptical because it looked like it's going to rain any minute. But I trusted the forecast and we started to paint. After a while even sun came out for an hour or so.

We painted two layers, the first layer was soooooo slow to brush on. It felt like the paint just wouldn't spread. I was very tired after the first layer and was even thinking that we coud postpone the painting of the second layer to sunday.

I'm glad we didn't though, the second layer was so easy to put on, it just went like a breeze. Now the pergola is so white that it's blinding me. Yay, I love it!

Oh, and on sunday it did start to rain.


  1. Oh wow! It is gorgeous! So shiny and white! What an incredible difference a couple of layers of paint can make! That's going to make you feel happy every time you look at it. Good for you! (And good for the weather for cooperating!)

  2. My goodness, that was a lot of work! Glad you got it finished before the weather turned! I planted my tomatoes and marigolds, finally on Saturday night--and then there was a frost warning for Sunday night--down to zero! Brrrr. But it's only 8:45am and already 10 degrees, so I think we're OK.

  3. Thanks scb, yes I do feel happy everytime I see it.

    Alana, do you have that type of fabric or plastic you can spread over the plants? To make a mini greenhouse? It would help keep the temperature higher.


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