Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Summer is almost here

Campanula carpatica

No that photo was not taken today. It was taken last year. I dig out some grass from our backyard last summer to make a new flower border. I mostly had annuals there last summer, because I could not figure out what perennials I should have there. It is a shady place, but biggest problem is that there are so many plants to choose from.

Lilium martagon
I need something tall, something small and something in between. I'm thinking this is my tall: Common Solomon's seal and this is one of the in betweens: old-fashioned bleeding-hear. Allready on the flower bed I have one Christmas rose, I could get more of those. Also there is the Lilium martagon or Turk's cap lily, shown in the picture above. Only one of those grew last summer, but now it seems the rest are growing too. I also love ferns and would like to have a few. 

The flower border I have is not big so I don't need many plants, actually the less I have the better it's probably going to look. Need to pick my favourites, soon!


  1. I think you would love a white and green flower bed. What a lovely campanula. Is the lilium above a bleeding heart? It looks like it. (Not very good with my latin names!)

    Do let us see your new bed when it gets going. I've just started with the whole gardening thing, myself. Alana

  2. Hi Ben :)

    No the lilium in the picture is the Turk's cap. The old fashioned bleeding heart is more a bush like. I'm not that good with latin names either, I just decided to use them because even if I would know the plants name in Finnish and then translate it into English I always get many names for one plant. The latin name is just easier for me.

    I think you are right, white and green bed would be perfect for me.

    I'll try to remember to take pictures of my flower bed and post them here.


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