Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hybrid cure: Bathroom, Sauna and toilet

Heads up! This is going to be a long post. First I'm going to tell you my plan then I'm going to tell what I allready have accomplished and then what I'm going to write about on friday. Here is the task list from the AT eight step home cure book by Maxwell Gillinham-Ryan. My comments about the tasks are in Italic again. Also to make my japping less boring I'll show you the before pictures in between the text. 

Clean bathrooms and related closets. Will do

Two picture combined, this is our toilet. I like it, it has quite well of storage space
Declutter cabinets and closets. I'll go through my own things only, don't want to step on A's toes.
Arrange your bathroom efficiently. I think it's quite efficient allready, but perhaps there are things that can make it even more efficient.

The toilet seat in the toilet, small stach of extra toilet paper is stored in a glass vase

Upgrade razor and shaving supplies. Will not do, it's not my part
Purchase bath salts and nice soap. We don't have a tub, so no bath salts and I think we allready have nice soap, I could use a new body scrub though
Place a candle in your bathroom. I beat you Maxwell, we allready have candles! two in fact!
Consider scents for your home. I have considered them and I occasionally do enjoy scented candles, but often the scents are way too intence. But we do have scents for sauna, and sometimes we even use them. I like that our home mostly smells like nothing.

Bathroom or half of it. On the left is the door we normally use, the door you see in front goes to the office and it's not used as often. I also think that the bathroom is too big, the space could have been used better.

Plan for the week ahead on Sunday. I'm not busy, I can go with the flow
Wake early and take a bath before work. No bath tub, so quite difficult, and I'm not going to wake up an hour before to heat up the sauna. And to tell you the truth I don't even shower on mornings, I feel way too cold once I get out of the shower.
Optional: consider a media fast for the next week. I watch hardly any television and I spend so much time by the computer at work so I try to avoid it at home (except making my own blog), I don't think I really need the media fast
Optional: straighten your desk at work. Done. I always do that.

Bathroom, the door on the right goes to sauna.

A big part of the Finnish bathing so to say is sauna. Our sauna is very typical 80's style sauna. There are many more modern ones and much more stylish ones, but ours is very good I think, atleats it warms up fast and it's cozy. 

Sauna, taken from the door

We usually keep a linen cloth on the seat and change it regularly. I also have a pillow there so that I can lay down while there. We warm up the sauna about once a week. 

The stove, I'm sitting on the bench taking this photo

What I've allready done:
On monday I cleaned the sauna. I had not done that for a while.

It's easy to brush the sauna clean, but the difficult thing is how to rinse the soapy water out. There is no water inlet in the sauna and the shower head will not reach this far. So I opened the window in the bathroom and brought the gardening hose through it. With that it was easy to rince the walls and seats. Too bad I didn't take a picture, it looked quite funny.

All wet

Also I did organize and clean one cabinet under the sink in the bathroom, I'm not sure I had cleaned it even when we moved in, it was discusting. It is where we keep the spare toilet paper and the sauna scents.


I'm thinking of adding some baskets there to hold the paper rolls, but I'm not sure it will be convenient.

That's it! Maybe I should return in writing everyday, this was horrendously long.


  1. Where is the sauna in relation to the bathroom? I've only ever known one person to have a sauna in their home in North America--and his family wasn't even finnish! They had it installed in their basement and it didn't look much larger than yours.

    I would LOVE to have a sauna in our home. I have to go to a public swimming pool in order to enjoy one--and here in N.A. it's a bit awkward to be entirely nekkid in front of other people. So, normally we sit in our bathing suits or towels or pretend we are really, really bold... . Not the European attitude, I know! (I misspelt that on purpose.)

    And that was not a long post!

  2. It wasn't? I felt like I had been writing that forever!

    The sauna is right next to the bathroom, one door away. If you want to leave sauna you have to go through the bathroom. That's how those are build here normally.

    Here in public swimming pools it's usually forbidden to wear bathing suit in sauna. It's said that some steam will come off from the nonnatural fibers in bathing suits in the heat, which is not good to breathe. I don't know if that is true. Also the bathing suit will soon loose all it's elastisity if you have sauna often.

    This is not my own idea but I agree with it, I've heard that here and in other places where people see naked bodies often, people feel more at ease with their own bodies, because they see all types of bodies, they are not only seing the underwear model pictures, which give a really unrealistic image about the human body.
    But I don't mind if someone wears a towel in the sauna, if that's what they want to do, eventhough I do feel that it's quite inconvenient. :)

    I'm glad you like sauna, and I'm glad you have one nearby.


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