Monday, 16 May 2011

Toilet decluttering

This post will go to intimate areas, beware. I wasn't sure if I'm going to show you the pictures I took about the decluttering I did in the toilet, because well the toilet contains so much hygiene and personal products, but then I thought, heck, half of the population is familiar with the products allready and the other half probably knows about these product through their better half. So there is nothing new, everyone has these, so why wouldn't I show them.

The cabinet under the sink

The cabinet under the sink in mentally diveded in half, the left hand side is A's and the right hand side is mine. In the white box on the bottom is hair dryer and curler. I use them very rarely, once in half a year I would say, it's just often enough to make those useful to have. On the top shelf I have the blue box for the extra make up. There are things I use when I like to look real festive. On the shelf are also intimate hygiene products and hair products are behind the blue box. I use the hair products maybe as often as I use the hair dryer. The ziplock bag holds my travel hygiene things, previously when the flight traveling regulations were not as strickt I used to have those in a canvas bag, but now I like to have those in plastic all the time so I can just grab those and go.

Intimate hygiene before

That brush is actully a baby hair brush (my little sister's), I thought I could use it for my face, to dry brush the skin to better the blood circulation, but I have not done that once. So there is no need to store that in the cabinet. I bought an epilator years ago and had not used the hair removal wax since then, so to trash it went. And the shaver, still unopened, for two years, for donation it went. I had also tree packets of tampons and few sanitary pads, that I don't use because five years ago I bought the Mooncup. I desided to keep few tampons and sanitary pads still because there has been times when some friend of mine has asked if I have any to give, because she's out. Do sanitary pads have a best before date? I hope they are still good.

Intimate hygiene after plus the travel kit

Extra make up before

I rarely use make up and about a year ago I threw a bunch of make up to trash because they had gone bad. I only left things that I knew I will use. I have a small bag of make up that I use quite often, meaning once a month or so.

My 'often' used make up, you think I need a new eye lash comb?
I even changed my foundation into powdered type, I used to have a lotion type but it always turned rancid before I had used even half of the tube.

Back to the blue box. This time I threw out the moist towelettes, that weren't so moist anymore, also the cheap blush brush and an eye lash brush which I never used. I had in the box fake eye lashes that I have used once in a costume party, that was many years ago, but I desided to keep them, those are fun.

Extra make up after

Not a big decluttering this time, but I'm glad I did it, I love getting rid of stuff.

Here is the after of the cabinet. I wish I could go through A's stuff, but he will not let me, he knows he will have nothing much left when I'm finished.

Under the toilet sink, after


  1. That's a wonderful job! You did very well--and it is kind of you to keep emergency supplies on hand for your friend!

  2. Ben is alana. I'm so sorry!

  3. I know it's you Alana. What's the thing with this Ben?


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