Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Filing and archiving

Since this week is dedicated for the office in the hybrid cure, I thought I should do some paper filing and archiving. In our household papers that come in first land in the paper slot that is in the entry shelf. There is a slot for A, me, us, and unpaid bills (once paid we write OK on them and move them to the appropriate slot). Once in a while we empty the slots, bills are ofcourse checked quite often.

Paper slot in the entry shelf

I usually empty my slot and our slot. A empties his own, bill slot is mostly empty (luckily!) anyway. I usually take all the papers to the office and go through and categorize them on the guest bed.

My own papers go to two hanging file folders. I bought these from Stockholm, Sweden after I had seen them at Benita's blog. I fell in love with them and had to drag three of them to Finland, it was not a very heavy baggage but a large one. The third one holds crafting instuctions in the crafts cabinet.

Numbered by importance

I love these boxes, they are so handy, atleast to papers that are very rarely looked at. I would not use hanging files for things that you have to carry somewhere else and read there. But for bills and tax issues these are the best.

I'm happy to organize my papers when they are stored like this. I even made a hanging file folder of my own for operating directions we have. This brings us to our common papers. For those I have bit more complicated system and actually I think it needs bit of tweaking.

The folder marked AL/LR is for our papers: bills, insurance, contracts and so on, it is getting very full by the way. The other two folders contain papers related to our apartment. There are papers dating back to 1981. And then there is the self made hanging file folder. These all sit in my shelf in the office.

There you have it, these contain all the important but dull papers, I ofcourse have other folders containing all the fun stuff, like decor inspiration, gardening, memorabilia... Those I can show in some other post.


  1. Sounds like a great system. I actually do need to update our systems. I like your idea of keeping the operating instructions and so on in hanging files. I just might do that! I probably should have taken the Paper clutter course: but I didn't want to focus on that at the moment.

  2. The box was very easy to make, I used just plywood, nails and glue.

    I'm by the way taking the goals class. It starts within few weeks.


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