Friday, 6 May 2011

Kick in the butt

I have been crazy lazy this week, well okey I was lazy last week too. But the office is really overwhelming me. It just has too much to do. Also lot of the things I really want to do in the office require massive work. Massive work just isn't apart of the hybrid cure, this is supposed to be a deep spring clean so to say.

But there is ofcourse somehing I can do and something I really need to do. Here is my to do list for the weekend to really get me moving.

- Organize files on laptop (note to self, if weather is nice, laptop can be taken outside!)
- Organize files on external hard drive
- Put all crafting stuff back to crafting cabinet
- Clear office table from all the papers

I also noticed that I have been writing blog post every weekday now. I don't really know why I've done that. I think I wanted to write systematicly on certain days, but noticed that I'm writing everyday except weekends. I think I have unintentionally copied Chez Larsson. But I notice now that it does not suit me. Eventhough I consider my self fairly productive and do lots of things that I could blog about, I just don't have the time to write posts every day. Sometimes life gets in the way, I might visit friends, watch a movie or just have no energy.

None the less I do like systematic blog keepers, and I'd like to be such myself. From now on I will write on monday, wednesday and friday and if I have so much to write that those days aren't enough, then I might occasionally write on other days too. More posts is never bad, right? How does that sound?

So what's with the roses? It's mothers' day here on sunday. Happy mothers' day for all you mothers out there!


  1. Your Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging plan sounds excellent. It's so easy to get into blogging more than one has time for. Good for you for deciding to limit it -- but also, good for us that you'll be blogging at least 3 times a week!

    As for your office plan, I thoroughly understand feeling overwhelmed, and I think you've found a good balance for the weekend.

    And the roses are GORGEOUS!!! It's mother's day here this weekend, too.

  2. Thanks scb, I knew fellow bloggers would understand.

    I actually got some boost for the office organizing today, I have a new piece to accompany the style I eventually want to have in the office. I'll show you more possibly on monday. Bit of a teaser :)

  3. *SCB starts pacing, waiting for the revealing of the new piece on Monday*

    Good for you!!!

  4. You still have chocolate eggs left over from Easter? My. Love the orange roses. Just beautiful. Sounds like a great to-do list--you'll have a lot done when you're finished! I do my best to blog about every 48 hours--I can't stick to a routine like every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Of course, I'm blogging a TON right now because of the Cure. It'll slow down once we're done.

  5. Every 48 hours is systematic too, even if it can not always be accomplished. I'm trying out the 3 times a week blogging so I just don't wear my self out. I can allways write them earlier and just post on those days. We'll see how that goes, I can change it again if needed.

    We had so much other chocolate too that those kind of got forgotten... So I have eaten loads of chocolate, eventhough it seems I have eaten nothing at all :)


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