Saturday, 14 May 2011

Flower bed, spring edition

Remember my flower bench bed pondering on the other day? Well the making of the flower bench bed has taken a small step forward. I bought some plants for it, not nearly as many varieties as I would have needed but some atleast.

Empty flower bench

Here you see the place I have. On the right is west and on the left is east. South then is right in front. The place is shady. On the morning our own home casts a shade on the spot and on the day the cedar trees you see only the bottom of in the picture shade the place. Only in the evenings the sun shines there. This place used to have grass or actually moss, but I dig it out and turned into a flower bench bed.

My plan about the place is not yet fully wrapped up. But here is the general plan.

I hope you see the colours ok, click the image to enlarge

Red: Now the areas have tulips, I think I'm either going to take the tulips out after this summer or plant something very low between them.
Aqua: Lilium martagon/ turks cap lily in white
Light green: I'm not sure about this one, my neighbor said that she could divide some hostas from her own garden to me, maybe those then. Anyway I need something not too tall, but not short either.
Orange: I'm looking for the Common Solomon's seal to place here, but I have not yet found the white flowering one.
Blue: The old fashioned bleeding heart in white
Violet: Ferns
Yellow: Christmas rose

I really want to have the Common Solomon's seal on the back in the orange section. Problem is the gardening centers don't seem to carry it. If I do not find it by June I'll plant some annuals there and try searching again next spring. I have not yet looked online shopping sites, I could find it's rhizome and have it shipped here. So the left hand side of the bench bed is still very much a work in progress, but the right side is moving along nicely.

Placing the plants

Those I planted now. In front is one Christmas rose that I planted close to the Christmas rose I allready had. The old fashioned bleeding heart went in the middle of the bench bed infront of the cedar trees. And the ferns went to the right.

Plants in ground

I know it seems like I have very little plants, but I do think the biggest broblem with plants, especially perennials, that they usually grow much larger than you could ever think. And soon they are too close together and you have to dig them up again to divide them again.

But on the contrary what I just said I will add some more plants, I'm thinking of getting some other ferns to go with the ferns I just put there. And possibly I will add one or two Chrismas rose in there later. It's impossible to stop! I want more!


  1. I love your plans and the way you have drawn them out for us to see. It will look lovely.

    I hope you post again when it fills in a bit.

    I was wondering, though, do you mean "flower bed"? Not "flower bench". Is that what you say in Finnish?

  2. Heh, you're right, I translated the Finnish word, we say flower bench. I know it's in English a bed or border, but I guess I forgot that while writing.


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