Thursday, 5 May 2011

A quick fix

The snow from last winter did some damage, there was so much of it and it pushed everything down. Some branches of the rhododendron by the front door had broked and also in the back yard the support of the black currant bush cracked.

That doesn't support much. Most of the pieces were still in good shape the screws just had lots their grip. But one piece was broken.

Last spring I had to fix this too and I assume I have to fix this next spring also so I desided to do just a quick fix for it. I took my tools, some various lenghts of screws, a piece of wood and got started.

I drilled holes on the piece of wood and screwed the piece to hold the broken beam. I started out with only two screws but it wasn't very stable so I added two more.

So here it is all fixed, looks good to me. And it can now hold the heavy berry filled branches of the black currant bush.


  1. Black currants! My grandmother used to make the most wonderful jam from black currents. That's a great support system, too.

  2. I've made jam too, but I bet it's nothing as good as your grandmother's.


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