Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hybrid cure, backyard week(s)

The main focus on the week eight of the hybrid cure for me is to make the terrace ready for summer. But the real eight step home cure described in here is all about the final party in your well maintained and cleaned apartment. So I was thinking that maybe I should do something indoors too. Alana posted her own eithth week to do list, here is almost the same list, with a few twists.

Vacuum the entire apartment and clean all the windows inside and out
Sand and paint pergola
Wash terrace carpets
Powerwash terrace boards (clean windows after this, don't make the same mistake you made last year)

The "conservatory" before

Do a final purge for clutter and empty the outbox
Take serger to the maintenance!

Buy/get fresh flowers
Add lighting to terrace
Repot tomatoes

The terrace before

Cook and eat at home

I don't think it's very probable that I get all this done this week. The sanding and painting on the terrace will eat up quite big portion of my time. So it might be, that in order to do this all, I'll need to have two weeks lasting final cure. 


  1. What a lovely outdoor space. My oh my. Looking forward to your progress!

  2. I echo what Alana said -- what a great space to work with!

    It'll be great to see what happens as you progress.

  3. Oh I agree, I think the terrace is the best part of our home. I hope to get a lot done, and post it here. You'll se some after shots, I'm sure.


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