Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hybrid cure, bedroom

Look, an additional weekday post! I saw what Alana and scb had planned and really wanted to post my own plan and even got so excited that I cleaned the bedroom, under the bed and everything. Here is listed my hybrid cure plan. From the book again. My comments are in Italic after the task.

Clean the bedroom and related storage. Bedroom is cleaned, yippee! Storage is next on the list
Buy an air filter for your bedroom. I doubt I need one here in the suburb, but if someone would lone me one I could try one out
Buy new sheets, pad, or mattress as needed. Not needed

You've seen this picture before, in here

Declutter the bedroom. I will declutter my clothes and insides of my bedside table
Arrange the bed against the best wall. The place I happen to have it, is the best according to the book


Make sure your bedroom inspires you. It does! Only thing that doesn't is the pile of clothes A has on top of the small table there
That clothes pile is usually much bigger

Look into ways to improve your sleep. I usually sleep really well, unless A snores, then I have to wear earplugs and I don't like them


I allready told that I got real excited and wanted to clean the bedroom straight away. I started with cleaning the under the bed. I thought that it would look whole lot worse than it did, but afterwards I heard from A that he had vacuumed under bed not many vacuuming cycles ago. But anyhow I removed the underbed boxes and vacuumed the place. Then I mopped the floor. I also wiped the boxes clean.

There is not much space in the bedroom, so after I had cleaned under the bed I moved the boxes back and vacuumed and mopped the rest of the room. Then I wiped the dust off the furniture. Love the smell again in the bedroom, the mopping of the floors really makes wonders.

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