Monday, 30 June 2014

Long planned bib

Over a year ago we were in Stockholm with a friend celebrating Easter. At that time I was expecting Likka and when we visited Tiogruppen store and saw all the oilcloths sold there I naturally thought of making a bib for Likka. It took slightly longer than I assumed to actually start the bib for her, but now it is done. I used a pattern from an existing bib and sewed bias tape on the edges. I was going to have the straps which are used to tie the bib on the back of the neck from the same bias tape, but I did not have enough of it and used some random white ribbon I had at home.

Likka has used the bib already so it does not look brand new anymore. I forgot to take photos before she started to use it. I do have some more of the same fabric, I could make another bib or even two from it or I could make something else. 


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