Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Another finished silicone joint

I realized the silicone had not yet dryed up in it's tube. I had been pretty certain that the nozzle would be totally clogged by now, but it wasn't. Which was good because A found yet another place where to use it.

I removed it with the carped knife like I did in the toilet. This area was so small that removing the silicone took only like two minutes.

Then I taped the edge and squeezed the silicone. Then I evened it with my finger. And Tadaa! it's done. That took like fifteen minutes. Now I think there is not enough silicone in the tube to fill even this small gap.

PS. Incase you are interested, I have painted a lot in the office, there are some layers of paint still needed both on the wall and on the shelf. But it's not a huge job anymore.


  1. I'm pretty sure our renovation guy didn't use masking tape when he applied silicone, and I didn't either when I put silicone between the new-old toilet sink and the table. I should have. Let's just say I'm really happy it's supposed to be only temporary.

    1. I know it could be applied without the tape, but I don't think I could make it look nice without using it. And I guess you had same problems...

      How temporary? :) You can redo them later if they start to bug you. It's a cheap fix.

    2. Haha, temporary solutions tend to remain permanent anyway :D I'm dreaming of a new toilet in some not-so-distant future.


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