Friday, 2 November 2012

Decluttering containers

I was going to tell you how to bottle wine, but since I'm going to see a musical today on Thursday (when I'm writing this) I don't have the time to write that post. I want to make sure I don't forget any essential step from the bottling.

So instead I will show you the decluttering of containers I did few days back. I have a bad habit of keeping every single container and box. And the result of it was looking like this.

I'm able to throw away containers and boxes but I need to see them all before I can decide on which to keep and which to throw away. So I took all of the containers down on the floor and started categorizing. Cardboard boxes there, round containers there, really small one here and so on. I threw out lot of tiny containers and especially round ones. I prefer square ones, the round ones tend to waste more space than the square ones do.

Then I put everything back. I should have maybe decluttered more since there is really no room for anything new and things can be a bit difficult to put back. It's bit of a tight fit. But nonetheless it's progress and the laundry basket fits into it's right place on top of the cabinet.


  1. My husband saves all boxes too. It would drive me crazy every time, until we moved and it made things so much easier.
    Good job consolidating, it looks a lot better.
    And I love your ceiling! I haven't noticed that before.

    1. We have bigger boxes in the unheated storage room outdoors. Those have been handy from time to time.
      Oh you too like the ceiling! We have similar in the living room and I hate it there, it makes the room look low and dark. In other rooms I don't hate it. This ceiling is just so common from the 80's that I've really got bored of it.

    2. Ah, well it makes sense for you to not like the ceiling all that much. It was never really common out here. We paneled the heck out of walls in the 80s, so I don't like that, but ceilings were rare.
      Did you ever think of painting the ceiling in the living room?

    3. Yes I have been considering painting it, but it has been low priority and it should have been done before we even moved in. Now I don't feel like doing it anymore because of all the furniture.
      I have grown quite liking the paneled walls :D Those unlike in where you live have never been that popular here.


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