Friday, 23 November 2012

Stitch markers

Wednesday I visited Piipadoo blog, they had been to a crafts fair and had taken some photos of cool knitting stuff. On few photos there were products from a company Succaplokki and they have an Etsy shop where they sell stitch markers and other knitting accessories. I did not have to browse long till I noticed that I would like to buy all their stuff!

But I contained myself and realized I can make stitch markers on my own and I also realized that I have all the equipment already in home to make them. I noticed that I was sort of irritated that I had not realized that earlier. I cannot even count how many times I've stood on the knitting accessories aisle on the local super market and pondered if I should buy the plastic round markers. But I never did buy those, I thought the ones in the super market were too ugly for what they cost. The Succaplokki ones are beautiful and fun though but those made me realize I can also do them.

I used some beads and wire I had at home. I still like the Succaplokki ones more, but at least now I have stich markers. I'm thinking of buying the owl earings from the company. I like odd earings, I have actually quite a collection of weird ones. I don't have radish earings like Luna Lovegood, but that would be just my cup of tea.

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  1. Your stitch markers look great! The ones from Succaplokki are cute too. So are the earrings! Ha, ha, loved Luna Lovegoods radish earrings, they probably sell them somewhere...

    1. Warner Bros actually does sell the radish earrings on their Harry Potter site. They are sold in a set with other weird jewelery but I don't like the others, also I did not imagine the radish earrings to look like that when I read the book.

  2. So cute, what a great idea. Very cute shop too, thanks for sharing.


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