Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Beanie and a skimask

First of all 
Happy first of May!
In Finland we will be enjoying the labour day by not going to work and eating donuts and drinking sima.

This is the final post of the baby stuff I've made (so far). I could have posted about these things when I posted about the trousers and jumpsuits, because these things I'm about to show are made from the same material. I'm repeating myself but the fabric I used with these projects was old bit worn out clothes from me and mostly from A.

The baby beanie and the ski mask were the only patterns I took straight from the book Baby cool that I borrowed from the library. On the beanie I first stenciled a text that I liked and then sewed the beanie. The ski mask I made for a bit bigger child, but I'm surprised how big it turned out. It can almost fit me.

Also from the scraps of the same yellow T-shirt as the beanie I made a pair of small mittens. I hope the beanie and the mittens fit on the kid around the same time.

So these are the baby gear I've made so far. I know this will not be the last post about the crafts for the kid, but these are the things that are now finished.

So perhaps next post will be less childish, perhaps...


  1. Cute Beanie and mittens. The mask reminds me of a medieval helmet, somehow! Lovely projects, Leena.

    Do you have "nurseries" in Finland or does the baby stay with you? Willyou be fixing up a room for Junior--or will that come later? What is going to happen to your studio? (Did we ever et a total room tour of that? I can't remember).

    1. It's usual that the crib of the newborn is kept in the bedroom of the parents. If people have an extra room then some of the kid's stuff is kept there. But many do choose to keep the extra room for the adult use until the child actually needs own room, which might be when the child is about 12 months and sleeps better alone.

      I have no idea what will happen to the studio. If we do continue to live in this apartment, I guess we will someday move our bedroom to the studio and turn the bedroom that we now use the kid's room.
      The tour of the office is here:


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