Friday, 10 May 2013

Organizing sewing patterns

I got a bunch of sewing patterns from my grandmother. Most of the patterns and magazines are from the 80's and 90's when she used to sew a lot of clothes for me and my sister. I think she would still enjoy sewing but her eye sight is not very good anymore so unfortunately she just cannot do it anymore.

The patterns and magazines were in a paper bag, my grandmother had organized some of the patterns into envelopes but lots of the patterns were just loose and shoved into the bag. So I took everything out of the bag and started sorting the patterns. It wasn't a very easy job, I had trouble reading my grandmother's handwriting and some of the patterns had no indication what it was for. From some patterns I was not able to find all the pieces for the garment. I piled these in a separate pile and when I found another one with no pair I tried to look it from the pile.

There were lots of basic patterns for shirts and trousers for different sizes. Some pattern did not have any size written on them. Because my grandmother had used various types of pattern paper I was sometimes able to match the paper type and that way find the sets. 

I was left over with a small pile of mismatched patterns, those I threw out. I do hope none of the pattern sets I was able to collect are missing any parts. I organized the rest of the patterns into envelopes too and wrote on top of the envelope what it contains. I also draw a quick picture of the contents. Once I had done that I punched holes on the envelopes and put them in a binder.


  1. Wow. Your patterns are so much different than ours! Ours come in envelopes already and printed on sheets of tissue paper. You cut them out the first time you use them. This is a lovely way to organize them--well done!

    Just a thought--if you come across pictures of you and your sister wearing the outfits, you could put a copy of the photo on the envelope, too.

    1. Really!? We do have to draw and cut them ourselves usually at least if they are patterns from magazines. I have not bought a pattern set in a long time, so I do not know how they work.

      Placing a picture into the envelope is a very sweet idea. Thanks. Next time I go through old pics I have to keep this is mind.


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