Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Conservatory vegetables 2013

Like last year I have planted some tomatoes in the conservatory. This time I bought the tomato seedlings, I did not even try to grow my own this year, well I actually did buy the seeds but then postponed the whole sowing for so long that I knew it had gotten too late. I bought two varieties, three tall regular ones and two bush ones.

I used the same rope support system on my tomatoes as last year. It worked very well last year so why wouldn't it work now too. I also bought one water melon plant, which I hope will also climb up on the rope. In the red bucket is a potato. That I planted before any plans about making my own potato growing bags

Also on the table with the bush tomatoes we have some cucumber seedlings and A has his own project... strawberries. All the seedlings will move to raised bed outside once they get just a bit bigger.

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