Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Potato growing bags, part one

I got potatoes from a friend, not for eating but for growing new ones. I have had the potatoes on my window sill for quite some time, maybe even too long. But I don't have any place to grow potatoes, except on containers on the terrace. So I figured I could buy buckets or those growing bags. But buckets are not very beautiful and the growing bags I've seen sold in Finland are either hideous or ridiculously priced. 

I had an idea of making my own bags, but then I got some white plastic from work and figured I could use that to make myself some growing bags. I knew the plastic itself would not hold up so I also got some wire net and double sided tape.

I made a frame from the net and lined it with the plastic. I used bits of the double side tape to keep the plastic in shape bit better. 

I made three of these bags or wire baskets, or what ever these should be called, untill I realized that they look like trash cans. Not really the nice, modern look I was after. So I will return to use the original idea I had and I will make new potato growing bags for the rest of the potatoes.

Part two of potato growing bags coming up soon...


  1. Well at least they look like cute trash cans. :)

    I've never heard of potato bags before, I look forward to seeing how they are made!

    1. Heh, thanks.
      Don't get too excited, it's just container gardening but with using bags :)
      You could use the bags for growing also other things than potatoes.

  2. What about burlap in a crate of some kind?

    I'm sure what ever you come up with will be great. (They really do look like trash bags. Maybe they are just too high?)

    1. I was thinking the same thing that the height might be the issue. I just used the whole width of the net, maybe I should have cut that down a bit.

      Burlap in a crate is a wonderful idea, but I'm thinking of something bit more modern looking this time.


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