Monday, 25 November 2013

Soft book from scraps

As an attempt to one day use up my scrap fabric supply I made a soft book for Likka. I must emphasize the word attempt, because soft book clearly isn't one of the most efficient or a fast way to use the scraps, especially if each of the pages on the soft book contains some hand embroidered details. But the idea is what matters, right?

I have still some of the train fabric left and decided to use the locomotive image of the fabric on one of the pages. I wanted the book to have somesort of theme and because of the locomotive I chose a motor vehicle theme. Between the cover pages is felt from a wool blanket, the middle pages have this thick and hard fabric, so the pages feel a bit different. Also one of the pages has some cellophane in between them so it crinkles.


On the corners I sewed triangles to avoid the filling getting off from its position. The spine has some car ribbon which you can see best on the last picture. I really like the book, although on some pages I did a bit of sloppy work and some of the machine embroidery looks a bit bad, but I kind of like those self made looking details here.


  1. You hand embroidered that? That must have taken quite a bit of time. It looks great.

    1. well I hand embroidered some of it. I made it a few minutes at a time so it did not feel to take that long. and thanks.


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