Monday, 5 May 2014

Toy basket

So far Likka does not have a huge quantity of toys but enough to over flow a small basket. In no time she will have doubled and tripled the amount of toys she has, even if I personally would not buy any toys for her.

I personally think it's easier to put stuff where it belongs if the stuff fits there well. So I decided to have a bigger basket for Likka's toys. Since it's bigger and therefore heavier to lift I wanted to add wheels under the basket. My dad found wheels from his supplies and I already had the basket. I wanted to make the bottom of the basket sturdier and so I also got a piece of plywood from my dad. I want the basket to be so sturdy that it can hold Likka when she is older (heavier) in case she crawls in it.

The wheels I attached with screws and nuts. I drilled holes through the basket and the plywood and then tightened the screws. The nuts are now inside the basket and bit pointy, not sure if I should cover them somehow.

I did place the lining of the basket inside, which I had done before, and it does cover the nuts a bit, that might not be enough though. Love the basket. If we declutter the items inside once in a while this basket should be large enough for quite some time.

~ ~ ~
You might remember the basket when we were using it as a cradle. Likka had not slept in the cradle for a while and so it was time to let go of it. 


  1. Awww, she's already outgrown it? That's a great re-purposing for it, especially on wheels.

    1. She can still fit in it. I'm just afraid she will soon climb out of it.


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